At Wyld Cookery we strive to make food accessible and achieveable for everyone. Baby weaning, fussy toddlers, sharpening those knife skills, teaching old dogs new tricks, catering for that all important party.....the list goes on!


Wyld Cookery deals with everything foodie! We are passionate about so many things but good food, nutrition and keeping life simple are up there with our top three. Whether you are eager to learn more and expand your repertoire, are a busy parent desperate to install good habits in your children early on (or dare we say it, fix bad ones!) or perhaps you are the lucky one having a party and just want to outsource and know your catering needs will be taken care of...look no further, you have come to the right place.  Wyld Cookery can help you. Find out how by getting in touch at or browsing through our menu options at the top of the page.