Off to University


It doesn't have to be baked beans and ready meals...

At Wyld Cookery we have years of experience teaching these courses. We have seen it all: boiling milk in kettles, cooking pasta with no water and simply no idea whatsoever - just how we like it! We teach in small groups of up to 6 per class from a home environment. Students come to us with little or no experience but leave us with confidence and an ability to fend for themselves when living on their own or with friends. The food we teach isn't fancy but it is real. It is just the sort of food students love to eat and will arm them with a repertoire to cook delicious food for friends and family through university and life after. From everyday hearty meals to dinner parties, even the Sunday Roast, it is safe to say parents will definitely be able to put their feet up and let the food come to them more often! Win, win all round!


Classes are a mixture of practical and demonstration led. They are 4 days long running Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm  (except Friday where they finish at 3pm). The day starts with a coffee and a short demonstration by your teacher but the majority of the day is practical hands on cooking and eating their hard work. You will leave with a recipe booklet, plenty of new skills and knowledge and one very full tummy! 

COST: £450PP inclusive of all food, EQUIPMENT, cookery book, apron and meals on the course


All classes held at 263 Franciscan Road, SW17 8HE.


Please contact Fran at or call me on 07866 716285 and we can take it from there!