what is weaning? when do i start? where do i begin?...

So many questions and often a daunting process for new mummies. Even as a chef I definitely didn't feel that I knew 100% what I was doing. It was at that point that we realised that there are 2 distinct sides to weaning: physically cooking the food and knowing how to do it - a tick from me buuuut what about all the theory behind it: when do I start? What do I start with? How do I progress? What happens to milk? How do I encourage a good and happy eater? It was this that made us realise there was scope for a combined effort with Heidi to provide a unique, but well worthwhile, Weaning Workshop so that mothers get as much knowledge as possible to go home well armed to tackle weaning head on with no worries or stresses. This makes it fun and not a chore or daunting which is key!


Classes are demonstration and discussion led. You arrive with enough time to have some lunch, get babies settled to sleep or chill out on our playmat, in the bouncer, pram or travel cot - we are very relaxed and try to accommodate whatever we can so your baby can relax whilst you concentrate on the important stuff!  We cover everything you need to know and more, answer questions and throw in some live demo's and tasters to top it off.

  • When to start weaning
  • Spoon v Baby Led approach
  • Equipment, cooking and storage 
  • First foods, stage 2 & 3
  • How to prevent fussy eating
  • Finger foods
  • On the go
  • Bought v homemade - there is definitely room for both!
  • How to deal with choking

And, of course if there is anything specific you want to ensure is covered please contact us ahead of time or bring a list of questions and we can deal with them on the day.

COST: £65PP INC. Light lunch



If you are unable to make the advertised classes and have a group of friends who are keen to get involved let us know and we can put on a private workshop at a date that suits you. NB Min numbers apply.


All classes held at 263 Franciscan Road, SW17 8HE and babies welcome during the workshops.


To book online directly please visit The Parent and Baby Coach's website by clicking here or for any questions please contact Fran at fran@wyldcookery.com or call me on 07866 716285 and we can take it from there!