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The best thing I did and I couldn’t recommend more to 1st time mums. I was completely clueless about weaning and didn’t really know where to start. Fran did a workshop which was a few hours (I could bring my baby along too!) and which was to the point. It saved reading books or asking everyone. It was so practical and yet didn’t tell me everything I already knew. It gave me the confidence to then make my own decisions about how to do it with the knowledge of where to start and what to aim for. Fran was so helpful suggesting recipes that are really quick to make (essential) and not a faff. She also doesn’t suggest recipes that involve hundreds of pans – it is completely practical advice. Fran recommended kit which was great and it just made the whole process really fun when I had been dreading it. Really worth every penny and I did with my NCT class which was really fun too.
— Meals, Weaning
Fran catered for our 40th wedding anniversary lunch in the summer. Amongst many things she cooked the most delicious fillet of beef, a miso marinated side of salmon that went with a selection of Asian salads, all tasting and looking different. It really all looked fabulous on the table - bright and vibrant and really pleasing on the eye! We followed with some brilliant puddings that again were all worthy of being centre pieces. It was all done effortlessly and very efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
— Julia, Catering
I would highly recommend the Wyld Cookery School’s weaning course. A highlight for me was how practical the advice was - Fran is a mother and really understands the time pressures and day to day factors that can impact weaning. I didn’t come away with an unrealistic, idealised view of weaning but instead (thankfully!) with a very realistic and practical set of tips that I could put into action that day! And realism in no way damped quality. I had no idea that easy to make, home made baby food could be packed so full of flavour! I had always thought baby food needed to be bland. The course taught me that it really doesn’t need to be and shouldn’t be boring! Other highlights include the onsite cooking demonstrations - we were able to see real time cooking which brought the recipes to life. This was a big plus for me! And we were also given a great goodie bag which included a summary of the course (so you could focus without the need to take notes), weaning timelines, delicious yet simple recipes and sample pouches. Again, Fran is realistic and knows there are times you need to give babies ready made pouches and she showed us what to look out for when choosing between the brands. This was extremely helpful. The course also helpfully covered weaning tools and health and safety. A must for first time mothers! And importantly, the course covered both baby lead weaning and more traditional purée methods - and respected everyone’s weaning style choice. I hope my enthusiasm for the course comes across, and I haven’t even mentioned the yummy lunch Fran prepared for the mothers!!
— Dominique, Weaning
I asked Wyld Cookery to cater my daughter’s Christening lunch and then subsequently for some ad hoc catering and a children’s party. Their food was outstanding - so fresh, interesting and absolutely delicious. Friends and family, some of whom were tricky to cater for, were complimenting it for weeks afterwards! Fran made hosting the events so much easier, suggesting ideas and things to think about that were extremely helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and I would have no hesitation in recommending her!
— Gillian, Catering
Fran and Heidi’s weaning workshop was brilliant: a welcoming environment, clear and easy-to-implement advice, delicious new recipes, feeding routines and bang up-to-date kit lists. A hugely informative and helpful introduction to weaning. Highly recommend.
— Abi Elphinstone, Weaning
Thank you very much for a really useful, informative course - I’m a confident cook but I felt really nervous about weaning and unsure where to start but after your course, I felt much happier. The recipes you included were great and my son is really enjoying them. He’s a great eater and I am convinced it because I was armed with all the information from the start. I’ve already recommended you to friends with little babies and will continue to do so!
— Mrs M, Weaning
Prepping and cooking a meal for 30 people is daunting at the best of times, but add in your son’s Christening and it was simply too much to take on. Fran saved the day with the most exquisite meal, the highlight of which was melt in the mouth fillet of beef. Her ability to stay calm under pressure and produce a knock out meal was out of this world. I could not recommend her highly enough.
— Henry, Catering
Fran put on a stunning and delicious champagne mini afternoon tea for a VIP event at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour for high-end Interior Designers, where attention to detail is paramount! She was efficient, attentive and totally exceeded our expectations making the event a huge success. Her delicate spread was almost too beautiful to eat! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her for any event.

— Claire Emley - Head of Sales, Fromental
Could not recommend Fran and Wyld Cookery more. She did the catering for our Son’s Christening which was a dinner and lunch for 40 people. The food was absolutely delicious, couldn’t have been easier to organise with Fran and everything looked so beautiful too. Fran was able to make brilliant suggestions as well as adapt all recipes to suit everyone. Totally unflappable, Fran had to work in a kitchen that is also a walkway and could not have been calmer or more unflustered by it all despite everyone wanting to chat to her when she was trying to cook (most people would have found it a nightmare!) She is very tidy, ridiculously organised and created a complete feast which everyone LOVED. It was tasty, beautifully presented delicious food and really good value too. Cannot wait to have another party! Thank you so so much.
— Amelia and Will C, Catering
I was very nervous about weaning my son but thanks so much to Fran as she made the whole process a breeze. I can’t recommend her class enough. It was an extremely helpful and very informative day. She kept things nice and simple but at the same time covered everything I needed to know (and more!) from equipment required to a step by step weaning program. It was a really fun day and I left feeling a lot more confident and excited about weaning. I’ve never looked back and still refer to my notes to this day and my son is 1. Thanks Fran!
— Kirsty, Weaning
Fran prepared us the most delicious meal for the night before our wedding and a relaxed and informal lunch for our guests the day after. We had amazing canapés and a seriously good lamb tagine, with a veggie portion for one family member which was no trouble at all for her to prepare separately! She was very understanding of what we were aiming for, and we were able to brain storm lots of different ideas with Fran coming up with lots of delicious meals…we wish we could have had them all! Will definitely be back for more in the future….”
— Heidi and Rowan Adley, Catering
Attending the Wyld Cookery Weaning Workshop was the best thing I did! I felt totally overwhelmed by the thought of weaning, but Fran made everything so simple, fun and enjoyable with her straightforward and sensible guidance. I started when both my son and I were ready, I wasn’t stressed and felt confident, and so my son took to weaning like a duck-to-water. He is now a great adventurous eater who enjoys a really varied diet. Her recipes are delicious, wholesome and full of flavour, so much so, I need Fran to write a cookbook as my son LOVES her dishes!
— Claire, Weaning
Fran and Heidi instantly put you at ease with their relaxed yet wonderfully informative style of teaching. I realise that I could have read countless books on weaning but the principles and tips that I absorbed during the weaning workshop have been the most useful during the weaning process with my first baby. I am confident that she is getting a varied, nutritious diet and is happily (messily!) exploring the new world of food.
— Emily, Weaning
As a first time mum I’ve been anxious about weaning- choking hazards everywhere! Fran has given me confidence to go for it, introducing solids to my son building up from ‘first taste’ purées to yummy (and quite sophisticated!) lamb tagines, fish pies and more from her recipe bank. Weaning my son has not been straightforward- he’s been very determined to feed himself and I’ve worried about getting enough ‘nutritious’ finger food into him.... but Fran has helped push this worry aside, giving me the inspiration (and recipes!) to make tasty options like frittata muffins, fish cakes, and chicken balls so my son can eat well.... if a little messily!
— Holly, Weaning
Wyld Cookery did a superb job on catering for our daughters christening. She was able to guide us to the best options for the number of people that we had and produced the most delicious canapés and buffet. Everyone commented on how good the food was and she made it all so easy with delivery and set up. I will definitely be using Fran again the future
— Georgie, Catering