*W E A N I N G*

So, here I am, website is built (more or less!) and the one remaining gap is my blog.....ummmmm...I have plans for future blogs but what to write for the first one?! Well, thought I'd do a quick intro to one of the courses we run that I am most excited about...........W E A N I N G! 

Of course I am not going to give away too many of my secrets as you'll have to come on the workshop for that! All I will say is these workshops have had great reviews time and time again from their launch about a year ago. Heidi from The Parent and Baby Coach and I met when she helped me with my little girl when she was born. Since then we have remained in touch and last year decided there was a gap in the market for combining her behavioural and 'how to' knowledge and my chef and mummy knowledge to make a unique workshop that helps mums from the very beginning of weaning but also shows them some live demos and some insider tips from a mummy chef (that's me!) as well as some starter recipes to take home.

Weaning can be a daunting thought, even as a chef and super confident cook I was a definitely apprehensive when it came to weaning my daughter. When do I start? How do I know if she is ready? What equipment do I need? What is she allowed to eat? What isn't she allowed to eat? What the hell happens to milk? However, I did a workshop with Heidi and I left feeling with a whole new confidence and excitement about the next stage we were about to embark on. Even now my daughter is nearly 2 lessons I learnt when she was 4 months old are still with me and used on a weekly basis. Consequently, I really believe that as a result of what I learnt early on I am blessed with a pretty good eater. Don't get me wrong, she's not even close to being perfect and we definitely have challenges and frustrating days (all part of parenting a toddler right?!) but it is the lessons I learnt early doors and the confidence that gives me the ability to tackle these without getting stressed or worrying.

We both truly believe that so many future fussy eating problems can be alleviated and made so much easier to cope with if mothers have been in possession of all the relevant info from the start. Being armed with the 'how to's' and the confidence and reassurance that what you are doing is ok and not going to do any harm will make the whole weaning journey easier and more enjoyable. Less stress for mammas = more relaxed baby = better eating habits FROM THE START! Hooray!

Anyway, enough for now....if you are reading this and have a baby approaching 4-6 months then this course could be for you. Come alone, bring a friend or get a group together and we can do it at a date that suits you at no extra cost. Click here to see info about our Weaning Workshops and click here for our upcoming dates.

Fingers crossed we see you soon!